Case Study

Reduced underwriting time and cost by substituting an APS (Attending Physician Statement) with an Rx Scan

Case Studies / Insurance / Improve Underwriting Process

Many life insurance applications rely on an Attending Physician’s Statement (a summary of the applicant’s health by a doctor) to make underwriting decisions. However, APS's are time consuming as well as expensive.


Our goal was to identify applications where an Rx scan could replace an Attending Physician’s Statement (without sacrificing the quality of the decisions) and automatically order it early in the process.


We developed a ruleset that identified applications where an Rx scan could add value to the application underwriting process, thus reducing the total underwriting time.

Value Delivered

Our solution identified applications where Rx scans could be substituted for Attending Physician’s Statements. This created a 15-20 day reduction in underwriting time for that segment.

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