How It Works

Our Qrosswalk methodology takes a holistic approach that’s focused on results

Qrosswalk is our proven problem-solving methodology. It’s how we deploy teams, work with our clients, and produce results.

Our philosophy has three important tenets:

Custom Model

You can only realize the benefits of data by applying scientific analysis in the context of your business strategy, operational readiness, and existing constraints.


Only business leaders who understand their customers, markets, and their own organization can transform their business, not data scientists who are isolated in a lab.


Success is determined by the organization’s ability to connect what they know with data.

To implement Qrosswalk, we start with a clear business objective. This is a well-understood goal. It’s probably something you think about often.

Next, we identify the objectives that are important to your business and develop an optimization plan that addresses those areas. The plans we create are customized for you, based on your desired outcomes.

How do we do that? We look beyond your data. Our experts use decades of data analytics experience to turn data into insights – actionable items that offer real business value. We dig deeper than anyone else and we can prove it.

Our science-based, goals-driven model uses your data to drive improvements that continue to optimize over time. Every action plan and data model is custom created for your business. No matter your industry, the results are transformational.

Who Does The Work?

Our team of analytical and sector experts has experience transforming businesses of all sizes – including Fortune 50 companies in retail, banking, insurance and telecoms. They’ll use advanced quantitative methods, operations research, machine learning, and statistical analysis.

Learn more about our team.

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