Life Insurance Visualization Solutions (QVIZ)

Real-team insights into your biggest challenges.

If you’re like most businesses, you have a common problem: How do you get on-going, real-time insight into your business operations? How do you get quick answers to your most pressing questions? Do you need to invest in an analytical team just to get standardized reporting? How do you get alerts when there is deviation from expected outcomes?

The answer to those questions is the ability to link multiple systems that don’t normally communicate, such as daily transactions, marketing data, customer relationships, financial information, human resources, and risk management. All of these systems are necessary, but they are handicapped without the ability to talk to one another.

We use our proprietary Qouple™ to bring all of your data together. Highlight the metrics that matter most, merge data from internal and external sources, and converts unstructured data into features that are easy to understand and use.

Our propriety tool brings all of your data together in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Easy, quick monitoring of your operations.
  • Tools to link multiple data sets.
  • Analytical insights and data-driven decision making.
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Qviz is “always on” meaning it’s always available for your team. Metrics and reports are standardized to you can get quick answers to your questions. You can even simulate hypothetical “what if?” scenarios and run predictive models.

Examples of benefits for Life Insurance Qviz include reduced application processing time for new business via targeted agency actions, ability to review underwriter performance for improved productivity and tools to root cause deviation of predicted v/s actual underwriting requirements.

Our platform & tools are pre-built and can be customized in 6-8 weeks with operational roll-out in 3-4 months.

How QVIZ Can Help You

Streamline Underwriting Actions

  • Identify operational inefficiencies
  • Understand underwriter teams and individual performance across time and customer segments
  • Drill down to metrics such as “time taken” for each requirement.

Translate Information to Action

  • Identify specific reasons for application errors and strengthen agency communication
  • Track historical agency sales and experience performance.
  • Multi-criteria optimization to assign leads to agencies.

Discover opportunities

  • Identify zip codes with high premium potential
  • Find opportunity for agency expansion
  • Expand sales opportunities for existing agencies

Actively Monitor Sales Performance

  • Enable sales leadership to troubleshoot performance issues
  • Drill-down into gaps between actual, planned and prior performance
  • Facilitate design of improved incentive structures and bonus plans

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