QuaEra Personalized Offer Recommendation Engine (QPORE)

Harnesses the Power of AI to Change Consumer Behavior toward Direct Marketing

Recent marketplace trends strongly suggest that product demand is being driven by a desire for specific features and options. For example, customers may want a smartphone with 128GB of memory or a prospect may desire a credit card with 3% cashback on groceries. However, in most instances product based targeting that is ‘Approximately’ good continues to drive marketing and customer outreach programs. This results in contact fatigue, with prospects or customers that are overwhelmed with cookie-cutter/repeat/commodity offers (e.g. throw away a Direct Mail solicitation without even looking at it or giving up on trying to assemble their preferred bundle online).

A major challenge in changing a consumers behavior lies in the limitations of the analytical techniques being used today. QPORE uses a set of proprietary algorithms to answer the “What specific offer features or combination of offer features will a customer/prospect respond to?” versus the traditional approach of “Who do I sell to?”. QPORE drives hyper-personalization by determining a specific combination of a product features, incentives, message(s), channel(s) that a customer/prospect is most likely to respond to.

How Does QPORE Work?

QPORE is flexible and can incorporate any number of data sources like – demographic, web, prior contact, mobile, product usage. It’s adaptive, feedback driven framework automatically recalibrates based on recent changes in consumer/prospect behavior and delivers a prospect level rank ordered set of offers. QPORE is easy to Implement and its ‘Analytical Engine’ can integrate into a variety of environments .

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How QPORE Can Help You

Reduce marketing costs

  • Eliminate offers that prospects/customers are not likely to respond to

Increase conversions

  • Better align offers to customer/prospect preferences

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Reduce marketing fatigue by recommending relevant offers

New Product Design

  • Discover new product, incentive, message and channel bundles that could increase penetration

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