QuaEra Mortality Analytics Product (QMAP)

QMAP can drive higher productivity, deeper insights and increased profitability

With QuaEra Mortality Analytics Product you will uncover hidden segments of profitable and unprofitable sectors as well as discover deeper insights and new dimensions within your business. Our solution can help you accomplish these goals rapidly, and with less experience than commonly suggested. Our proprietary data science algorithms are your keys to new horizons.

An easy to use mortality analytics service that handles the tedious tasks of assembling and linking data, as well as creating experience studies. Machine learning algorithms and Innovative data science techniques provide additional insights.

With QMAP, Actuaries are able to spend more time on value added tasks. Cutting edge methodologies enable the discovery of data driven boundaries/cuts instead of traditionally asserted ones. Also, QMAP can increased profit by better pricing reinsurance actions.

How Does QMAP Work?

Combines and synthesizes data (from multiple sources – both internal and external) using proprietary data science algorithms reducing the time to create analysis-ready data sets

Delivers A/E studies, mortality deviation analyses, mortality table comparisons, etc. much faster with the flexibility to do additional analyses built-in

Extracts deep and granular insights to increase profitability

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How QMAP Can Help You

Higher Productivity

  • Traditional Studies delivered quickly
  • Actuaries spend more time on value added tasks (exploration, interpretation)

Deep Insights

  • Detects faint signals sooner (with less experience) using advanced Data Science techniques
  • Identify granular segments of mortality deviation
  • Discover data driven boundaries/cuts instead of traditionally asserted ones

Increase Profitability

  • Identify segments of profitability
  • Adjust prices, create new strategies for marketing and distribution, change reinsurance plan
  • Improve expectation setting

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