QuaEra Personalized Offer Recommendation Engine (QPORE-MAIL)

In the US, Direct Marketers send over 75 Billion Direct Mail pieces every year. The response rates to Direct Mail vary by industry but are often no more than 1-2%. Determining the right creative and message to send to stimulate the prospect/customer to take action is critical and is primarily done via expert judgment and experimentation. There has to be a better way..and there is.


QPORE delivered a 40% lift in conversion rate and doubled the marketing campaign efficiency for a fortune 10 company

The QPORE product harnesses the power of AI to turbocharge Direct Mail response rates 

QPORE stimulates prospects to take action by presenting an offer they want, highlighting features they like, through channels they prefer


QPORE integrates easily with your existing Direct Mail process and providers


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