What We Do

Solutions and consulting that deliver innovative and cutting-edge problem solving

Most organizations approach data and analytics as a mathematical problem. They pull their data, build models, and look for trends. This approach doesn’t maximize the value your data can provide. You need insights that are more actionable, supported by your business’ existing infrastructure, and account for regulatory hurdles and market dynamics. At QuaEra, we use an approach with a heavy focus on industry experience and an understanding of your business. Our objective is to go beyond the analytical model.  Our solutions have been developed to incorporate your company’s data, unique products, messaging, regulatory hurdles, etc. to deliver transformative results.  Our Advisory services approach identifies your business goals, lays out a quantitative framework, and provides a process to implement changes. This approach delivers practical and actionable results that create real value. We make your desired outcomes our priority. We focus on results. We adopt your business goals, immerse ourselves into your culture, and follow those ideas into implementation. Most importantly, we stand by our performance. We’re so confident that our system works that we routinely ask our clients to give us their toughest problems – the challenges they or other vendors haven’t been able to solve.  For both our solutions and advisory services we are willing to tie our compensation to performance. Today, we’ve demonstrated our critical problem solving skills by solving the toughest challenges of Fortune 100 companies. We’ve demonstrated our ability to meet diverse business goals with imaginative advice and solutions. Our process is validated and proven. We work with retail, banking, insurance, and healthcare companies. We’ve come to realize that irrespective of the scale of an organization, business problems are similar within a vertical. However, our team thrives on solving new problems. We’re always up for a challenge and a new industry.
We’re confident we can turn your data into real value for your business. View our case studies to see what we can do for you!

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